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Aralia 'Bianca'

Aralia 'Bianca'

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  • Botanical Name: Dizygotheca elegantissima

  • Common Names: False Aralia Bianca, False Aralia Variegated
  • Description: The False Aralia Bianca plant is a tropical evergreen shrub native to the Pacific Islands. It is known for its delicate, fern-like foliage and slender stems that can reach up to 10 feet in height in its natural habitat. The plant's leaves are dark green and are composed of many small, thread-like leaflets that give it a feathery appearance. In indoor environments, the False Aralia Bianca plant usually grows to be around 3-6 feet tall and is often used as a decorative houseplant. It prefers bright, indirect light and consistent, moderate watering to thrive. The plant is popular for its striking foliage and easy maintenance, making it a great choice for adding a touch of tropical elegance to any indoor space.
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